How Souvy became Benelux's premium kitchenware provider

Givan, Owner


About Souvy

Enabling chefs around the world to turn wonderful ingredients into exquisite experiences
Founded in 2016
Acquired by Givan in 2020

At only 26, serial entrepreneur Givan has an eye for spotting businesses with big potential. He’s also a self-professed foodie. So when the opportunity came to take over Souvy, a business selling sous vide cooking products, he knew it was one he couldn’t pass up.

It’s been the perfect combination of business opportunity and passion—one that has enabled Givan to grow Souvy into the leading Sous Vide and high-end cooking product specialist in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). 

The company already provides countless Michelin star chefs with the equipment they need to make incredible food. But their influence on the culinary world doesn’t stop there. By offering detailed recipes, how-tos and additional kitchen supplies, they’re making their products accessible to all and top-tier cooking something anyone can do.

I couldn’t believe how fast we saw the impact of Uncapped’s capital. Uncapped have repeatedly been a great growth partner who have moved incredibly quickly in order to help me achieve my goals

Givan, Owner


Traditional funding options held them back from capitalising on a new market

Souvy was a household name in their domestic market and they’d seen steady growth for years in the Netherlands. But there was opportunity to expand and double down on growth in the neighbouring markets of Luxembourg and Belgium. Both of which could be achieved via access to marketing capital. 

However, like many emerging ecommerce businesses, Souvy struggled to secure funding from traditional providers. After years of self-funding, it was time to look for an alternative.They needed an option that would allow them to keep control and ownership of the business while continuing to operate at speed.


Uncapped marketing advances accelerated their growth

Souvy no longer needs to self-fund or struggle to secure traditional funding providers. With Uncapped they've already been approved for multiple advances in 2022 totalling over £60,000. 

This funding frees them up to focus on highly targeted marketing techniques as well as to invest in Facebook marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation (SEO).

And the results speak for themselves. Souvy has 10x’d their web traffic which has led to 8x growth in revenue

Uncapped has taken away Souvy’s worry of cash flow restraints and access to marketing capital. Now, this culinary brand is free to continue exploration of international opportunities, diversifying their product offering and forging a new standard of culinary excellence. 

Souvy and Uncapped have an ongoing partnership and continue to explore new ways of sustaining and scaling the brand’s growth.


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