How a D2C brand went from underfunded to oversubscribed

Moritz, Co-Founder


About Noah

Kits jammed packed with all the essentials you need to get started
Founded in 2018

Everyone has to start somewhere and Moritz  & Harvey’s noah wants to be with you every step of the way.

Founded in 2018, Noah provides a range of ‘Starter Kits’ offering customers all the high quality tools, utensils and essentials needed to embark new endeavours.

Noah’s D2C approach allows them to respond quickly to ever changing client needs at different stages of their lives. From Student Kits to the more recent packages for home movers and neo-bakers in 2020, Noah has been successfully turning customers’ inspiration into reality.

Uncapped was incredibly responsive. When others couldn’t work with us because of limited history or seasonality, they found a way. We now have investors chasing us instead.

Moritz, Co-Founder


Secure enough stock to grow

Like many ecommerce businesses, Noah’s largest bottleneck was always stock, which in turn affected how much they could spend on marketing. 

They knew their first product, the Student Kit, packed with 70 essential items for those entering dorm life, was a winner. But given the seasonal nature of sales, convincing investors wasn’t as easy. 

Mortiz knew that if only they could secure enough inventory, they could then scale their marketing efforts and fulfil their revenue growth potential.


Uncapped advance for inventory and marketing

Noah was approved for £100,000 of Revenue-Based Finance from Uncapped. The capital was immediately used to acquire inventory and finally allowed them to focus on marketing, leading to a 400% increase in revenue in just one month.

That was just the beginning. 

With a quick turnaround and zero dilution, Noah received two additional advances from Uncapped, totalling another £100,000. Their year-on-year revenues jumped up by 127% and they managed to raise a £1.4m Seed round in only eight days. When it rains, it pours.


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