How London's top plant shop 3x'd their advertising budget

James, Founder


About The Stem

London’s sustainable online garden centre

Founded in 2019

James launched The Stem in October 2019, after battling with mental health challenges during his previous Investment Banking career.

Immersing himself in nature was key to his recovery and he wanted to create a business that would allow others to build their own connection with plants and nature. The Stem has since grown rapidly into one of the UK’s leading providers of plants online and prides itself on its sustainable practices.

The freedom to triple our ad budget without having to do a VC round has been transformational. The process was very easy. I signed up on Monday and had funding in my account on Friday.

James, Founder


Accelerate marketing faster

The Stem had cash in the bank and the business was growing steadily, however they believed there was an opportunity to drive their digital advertising harder. They had recently hired a Marketing Manager to focus on online content and ads, but to get the full benefit of their hard work they needed the budget to test and scale faster.

They considered doing a VC round, but knew it would be a big drain on resources and were keen to diversify away from being dependent on giving away equity.


Uncapped advance for marketing

The Stem signed up with Uncapped for a £50,000 advance at the end of 2020. Spending a lot on Facebook creative upfront didn’t make sense when they had a limited budget, now they were free to invest knowing they could scale their spend with ad campaigns as much as needed.

Another £68,000 advance from Uncapped taken several months later helped The Stem achieve their next business milestone.

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