How a food brand realised its growth potential without dilution

Amy, Co-Founder


About Hunter & Gather

Keto & Paleo friendly food and supplements

Founded in 2017

Amy and Jeff, a British couple, launched Hunter & Gather in October 2017 after years of struggling with finding adequate food for Amy - a life long coeliac.

Amy’s condition, coupled with Jeff’s insatiable appetite for challenging the status quo, led to their pursuit of Optimal Health.

Hunter & Gather is dedicated to creating nutrient dense foods free from refined sugars, grains and inflammatory seed/vegetable oils, thereby providing the necessary tools to thrive.

We see so many brands who run out of runway and are forced to raise equity too soon. Uncapped gave us the breathing room to keep growing without fundraising.

Amy, Co-Founder


Find non-dilutive funding for growth

Hunter & Gather was growing fast (over 34% per quarter!), but due to the seasonal nature of the business, the company needed cash to continue funding growth. After three years of mostly bootstrapping, the brand started exploring options to secure working capital for inventory and marketing, without losing ownership.


Uncapped advance for marketing and inventory

Hunter & Gather was approved for £125,000 from Uncapped, securing cash to fund inventory. This let them scale their marketing and catapult them to #2 Best Seller on Amazon UK for Ketchup. Traffic on Amazon and their website increased 106% in just a month. Without being held back due to cashflow, the company could realise its growth potential. 2021 will be their 3rd consecutive year of triple-digit growth, thanks partly to another £190,000 advance from Uncapped.

And now that Jeff & Amy don't need to worry about juggling cash between marketing and inventory, they can focus on what they really love -  experimenting with new ideas and creating more healthy foods and recipes for their customers.

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