How Brand24 grew internationally without giving up equity

Michał, Co-Founder


About Brand24

Media monitoring for brands outside the Fortune 500
Founded in 2011

Brand24 are a Poland-based media monitoring tool for brands that want to track their reputation, increase sales, and find new leads online.

When Michał Sadowski was looking for a media monitoring tool back in 2011, he was disappointed by his lack of options. The software he tried was either unreliable or eye-wateringly expensive. Quickly spotting an opportunity to build a platform for the mid-market, he launched Brand24.

Uncapped are perfect for SaaS companies that are reluctant to go through the VC funding process but still want to drive hiring, customer acquisition, and build an amazing product.

Michał, Co-Founder


Secure short-term capital without long-term costs

With a clear opportunity to grow Brand24 into new markets, Michał was looking for a fast, practical alternative to traditional financing options.

As he scaled the business he wanted to stay close to profitability by keeping costs low, and was reluctant to give away equity.


Uncapped advance scaling globally

Michał used the Uncapped advance to develop monitoring features that helped Brand24 quickly capture market share and win new clients across the world.

Since taking his first €150k advance, Michał has come back to Uncapped five more times to borrow €660k in total. The funds have helped him expand his team, build out the Brand24 platform and grow customer acquisition.

Brand24 now has 3,600 clients in 123 countries.


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