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The Uncapped partner portal user interface showing how partners can track their referrals. The interface displays the status of a referral's progress towards receiving an offer and once approved, the amount and expiry date of their offer.
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CEO, Journey Further
We want our clients to have access to the fastest and most affordable funding in Europe. That’s why we chose to work with Uncapped.
Truly a 5-star experience
Uncapped as a whole, was very fast and agile in working through a couple of issues that we had and got us term we wanted on our loan.
Co-Founder, Hedoine
Uncapped’s revenue share model makes it a much better way to grow in less certain times. Their flexible repayment model was a big comfort during the Covid pandemic
Insanely fast turnaround times....
Insanely fast turnaround times and a supportive team. Exactly what you need if you have a growing business with funding requirements.
Co-Founder, Butternut Box
Easy application, fast decisions, relatable and responsive team. I recommend Uncapped to every founder.
Efficient, fast and easy to deal with...
Uncapped were efficient, very quick and easy to deal with. Their due diligence process is fast and it is easy to provide the information required.
Co-Founder, l'Estrange
With banks and VCs, you have to wait for ages for capital that might not ever come through. With Uncapped, it’s quick, reliable and simple.
We work together and have a common goal...
From the very beginning I had the impression that we work together and have a common goal… very fast process, clear communication, transfer within the time we talked about from the beginning.
CEO, Swanky
Uncapped are so much more than a financier. They have a deep understanding of our shared clients' requirements, and consistently demonstrate a flexible and commercial approach that is a significant value-add for all parties.