Line of Credit

Peace of mind and flexibility for your growing business

Our Line of Credit is specifically designed for high-growth sellers trading at least $5m in annual revenue. We provide a pre-agreed, committed credit facility which you can access within 48 hours. Only borrow what you need, when you need it.

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Excellent trustpilot rating
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Certainty of funding

Your business deserves a financial partner that allows you to have peace of mind. We contractually agree on the credit limit and availability, allowing you more freedom in planning your purchases and spending.

A message from an account executive showing available loan offer and a "sign agreement" button
An image of sliders allowing the customer to choose the amount to withdraw from their line of credit funds, the repayment term, draw fee and the total amount to pay back


Borrow only when you need and how much you need.

Don’t pay for the loans you don’t need or want. We offer up to $1m in 1 business day and $5m in 3 business days. Borrow funds for up to 18 months, 
and as little as 90 days. Ensuring your financing keeps pace with you.


We believe financial products should empower you, not eat into your budget. That’s why we’ve tailored our Line of Credit to be as competitive as it gets. Enjoy the lowest rates and save on costs.

A table showcasing the maximum amount of funds Uncapped allows as well as their annual percentage rate
An upwards trending graph and a message from an account executive asking if the remaining line of credit funds meet the client's needs

Continuous growth

Increase your limit as you grow with us.

Our line of credit is designed to grow with you. That's why we regularly assess your credit line and make sure it matches your growing business needs. We will increase your limit to ensure you have the working capital needed to keep fuelling your growth.

Personalized and tailored service

We know that every business is different.
This is why we tailor our offer and product for you.

You have access to a dedicated, highly-trained Account Manager, always available to help you. Get support from an extensive network of our partners in any area you need, from marketing, through logistics to accounting.

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Trusted by thousands of brands

We've worked with multiple high-growth brands selling across all industries. Partnering closely with these brands is why we are global experts when it comes to financing working capital needs. We listen to our customers and design our product specifically for them.

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Co-Founder, Nutripaw
Nobody saw the vision except for Uncapped so they were the obvious choice. They provided us with the necessary capital at a pivotal time to fuel the growth we were forecasting
Truly a 5-star experience
Uncapped as a whole, was very fast and agile in working through a couple of issues that we had and got us term we wanted on our loan.
Co-Founder, Hedoine
Uncapped’s revenue share model makes it a much better way to grow in less certain times. Their flexible repayment model was a big comfort during the Covid pandemic
Insanely fast turnaround times....
Insanely fast turnaround times and a supportive team. Exactly what you need if you have a growing business with funding requirements.
96 North
Without Uncapped, and access to fast and fair working capital, growth would have been slow and restricted. Having Uncapped as a reliable partner has enabled us to invest in the business, the team and the brand quickly and confidently
Efficient, fast and easy to deal with...
Uncapped were efficient, very quick and easy to deal with. Their due diligence process is fast and it is easy to provide the information required.
Co-Founder, Hunter & Gather
We see so many brands who run out of runway and are forced to raise equity too soon. Uncapped gave us the breathing room to keep growing without fundraising.
We work together and have a common goal...
From the very beginning I had the impression that we work together and have a common goal… very fast process, clear communication, transfer within the time we talked about from the beginning.
Founder, PSI Bufet
Financing from Uncapped allowed us to aggressively scale marketing, acquire more customers and become the market leader.

How it works?

Once you follow the easy application process, we will kickstart your line of credit. You will:

An icon of a document and a credit card symbolising signing a contract for your line of credit funding

Receive a customized credit limit

We will determine a maximum credit limit typically up to double your monthly business’ revenue. This is the total amount you have at your disposal ensuring you have substantial funds to meet your working capital needs.

An icon of stacked bills with a downward facing arrow symbolising funds withdrawal

Access funds on demand

You then have the freedom to draw funds whenever the need arises. Use what you need as long as you stay within the approved limit given to you.

An icon of a coin with a circle arrow around it symbolising repayment

Pay only for what you use

There are no hidden fees. Our transparent fee structure means you only pay for the amount you actually use, not your entire credit limit.