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We power founders to go further, faster

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Here at Uncapped, we believe founders shouldn’t have to give away ownership of their company to fund growth. That’s why we provide no-security and no-equity investments from $100k - $10 million to founders and companies who are changing the world.

We charge a flat fee from 0.8% on the capital provided. There are no pitches, cap tables or coffees required. So founders can apply online, receive an offer and focus on growing their business!

We’re backed by the world's top investors including Lakestar, Seedcamp, Global Founders Capital, Whitestar, and Mouro Capital (Santander Bank) - early investors in other fintechs such as Transferwise, Revolut, and Funding Circle.

We are not just founder-friendly, we are founders

Everything we do is to create an environment where founders thrive

Our no-equity, no-security approach means you own more of your business

Our flexible terms that mean you are never caught out by repayments

Our insights tools mean you don't miss out on growth opportunities

Our partner referrals give you access usually reserved for venture backed companies













Our story

Uncapped was born out of frustration with the existing funding options available to entrepreneurs

Our CEO, Piotr, was previously a VC who met hundreds of founders who had great businesses but needed a better funding model. 

Banks were often not an option as they all wanted burdensome personal guarantees, and operated at a much slower pace than the founder community.

So, often founders would give up equity to VCs to finance marketing and inventory expenses because they had no other choice. This route also took time, and often meant the founders lost control of their company along the way. 

And so Uncapped was born! Entrepreneurs could now access funding on their terms and spend their time executing rather than fundraising. Uncapped is the funding product that founders wished had always existed.

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Our investors

We’re lucky to be joined on this journey by some of the best investors in the game