How a premium candle brand accelerated growth and scaled internationally


About 96North

Fragrances that take you to every corner of the globe
Founded in 2021

Founded by a father and daughter, 96North was born from a desire to capture the scents of the great outdoors and put them in our homes—a sensory escape without worries.

They created a brand of candle that allows you to be transported through scent to the nostalgic tranquillity of past adventures. 

Their nature-focused, sustainable brand resonated with customers immediately. The founding team sold the business to Alphawell Brands, whose expertise in scaling Amazon/DTC brands—combined with Uncapped support—took 96North to loftier heights.

Without Uncapped, and access to fast and fair working capital, growth would have been slow and restricted. Having Uncapped as a reliable partner has enabled us to invest in the business, the team and the brand quickly and confidently


Access to quick growth capital

As an ambitious business, 96North wanted to accelerate growth. They’d used Angel investments before but knew it wouldn’t move at the speed they needed to outperform their competitors. What they needed was fast access to deployable capital.


Uncapped working capital to unlock efficiency

With fast approval from Uncapped, it took less than a week for 96North to access their £70,000 of working capital.

96North were free to invest in marketing for the brand on Amazon and explore new growth channels.

It wasn’t long before they 3x’d their revenue and put a commercial infrastructure in place that will continue their speed of growth into future quarters.

With 96North’s working capital efficiency improved, they’re looking forward to nurturing their loyal customer base and acquiring new global consumers.

Uncapped and 96North continue to work together, finding ways to accelerate growth and bring more people serenity through scent.


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