How a D2C electric toothbrush brand charged up their production

Andrei, Co-Founder


About PomaBrush

Premium E-toothbrush: Innovative Electric Toothbrushes
Founded in 2019

Andrei, a lifelong fan of electric dental care, struggled on the road to keep his toothbrush charged and germ-free. None of the solutions available sufficiently satisfied a traveler's need for quality hygiene. 

In 2019 PomaBrush put an end to the compromise between oral care and adventures. The secret? Electric toothbrushes with silicone bristles. Their simple but innovative design provides an effective clean for as long as 4 months without charging or changing the toothbrush head.

Freezing money in stock and endlessly waiting for equity funds threatened the survival of our DTC business. Uncapped’s funding was the safety cushion we needed to be confident to invest in production

Andrei, Co-Founder


Secure funding for production

Due to the capital-intensive nature of production, bootstrapped PomaBrush had been growing steadily. Yet, the increasing demand for production placed enormous pressure on cash flow.

In autumn 2020, Andrei and his partner started negotiations with several Venture Capital funds. The protracted process put the realisation of the company’s growth potential on hold. Nevertheless, with solid business traction and untouched ownership pie, the founders knew they would land a deal when the time was right.


Quickly accessible advance for inventory

A sudden turn of events took place when they heard about Uncapped. Andrei realised that there was no need to attend countless pitch meetings or wait months to secure financing. 

PomaBrush was approved for €65,000 from Uncapped in December 2020  and stopped all ongoing equity negotiations. With easily accessible finance, they drew out an additional €193,000 a couple of months later. Then later in 2021, they took out another €70K.

Uncapped’s funding allowed the company to respond to increasing demand without delay, finance production and grow the company’s revenues by 82% in just a quarter.


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