How a leading data intelligence and analytics brand used Uncapped to bolster their equity raise

Richard West, CEO


About Red Flag Alert

UK's leading provider of business data intelligence and analytics used to predict growth, global compliance risk and insolvency
Founded in 2004 as part of Begbies Traynor but became an independent company in 2018

Red Flag Alert was founded in 2004 and was a spin out of Begbies Traynor, a leading independent business recovery specialist and advisory.

Red Flag Alert was founded as an analytics tool to help identify and manage commercial and credit risk as well as predict corporate insolvency and after many years of refinement and product growth, decided to branch out as an independent company in 2018. 

Since the start, they have evolved through organic, steady growth and have established themselves as the UK’s No.1 insolvency scorecard, an all-encompassing solution offering risk management portfolios and the latest technology.

The brand is here to disrupt the market and are excited to be challenging and disrupting the industry, evolving risk management, and undertaking safe and sustainable growth.

And the best part? They are only just getting started!!

Red Flag Alert is a very fast paced business, which is one of the similarities we share with Uncapped. The speed to which Uncapped deploys capital into businesses, as well as the fact they don’t take equity, are very attractive qualities. Having big growth targets and aspirations to be a market leader means we need an investor like Uncapped who matches these qualities

Richard West, CEO


Adapting to the macroeconomic climate

As a highly ambitious business, Red Flag Alert were constantly looking to progress as a company. Whether it was developing their technology, looking to grow their team or releasing more updates or products, they always wanted to be the best version of themselves and push towards complete market domination.

However, their ambitions were occasionally thwarted by restricted budgets. There came a point when ‘living within their means’ and relying on their, albeit impressive, revenues to fund growth was limiting their potential. For a fast moving business in a fast paced industry, speed was the name of the game.

In order to achieve their desired growth results, they needed 2 things. 

  1. Great people
  2. Access to cash

Despite already boasting a fantastic team, they knew that, in order to continue to push boundaries, they had to add to the roster. But with a nationwide digital skills gap, the resulting fight for talent and cost of living skyrocketing, they knew that finding, securing and retaining the best people wasn’t going to come cheap.


So in early 2023, they sought out investment. 

Despite the macroeconomic climate and increasingly risk averse investors, Red Flag Alert managed to secure funding from hugely reputable investors, including Foresight Group. But they knew that if they were able to secure more, they would be able to turbocharge their growth even further and be well on the way to achieving their lofty goals. 

However they had already parted with equity and so sought out a way to bolster their funding from Foresight with non-dilutive capital thereby allowing them to retain the remaining ownership of the business.


Complementary non-dilutive funding

Enter Uncapped. 

Due to Red Flag Alert’s amazing performance history, they were quickly approved for an advance and managed to top up their funds from Foresight by another £1million thanks to Uncapped. 

The speed and efficiency in which capital was deployed was an important factor for Red Flag Alert and a factor made possible through Uncapped cash being made available within a week of a signed agreement. This allowed them to get straight to work and invest in high priority areas.

This single advance has gone on to help Red Flag Alert in a variety of ways across the marketing, talent and product functions. 

Through marketing spend, they have been able to develop and begin to implement a cohesive medium/long-term marketing strategy in order to increase visibility and reach. Excitingly there is a major rebrand about to take place as well so keep your eyes peeled! 

They have also been able to develop their platform and product lines both for domestic streamlining but also looking ahead to their imminent international expansion. 

And lastly they have been able to invest in top tier talent to add to their existing ‘databosses’ furthering their already world class team and culture. 

We are excited to see the impact that Uncapped capital and equity financing has had on this incredible business and look forward to our continued partnership generating wonderful results for the team here in the UK and further afield

Red Flag Alert

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