How a pet subscription box cornered the market

Piotr, Founder


About PsiBufet

Healthy and natural dog food delivered to your door

Founded in 2016

After years of running an animal hotel at home, a dog loving family launched PsiBufet in 2016.

The lightbulb moment came when Piotr and his family struggled to find high quality freshly cooked food for his and his customers' puppies. To feed the dogs and to fill the gap on the Polish market, PsiBufet introduced balanced dog food, prepared from fresh and natural ingredients delivered directly to doggos’ doors.

Financing from Uncapped allowed us to aggressively scale marketing, acquire more customers and become the leader in the market.

Piotr, Founder


Keep scaling faster than the competition

Since June 2020, PsiBufet had devoted an increasing amount of cash to its marketing spend every month. Its business plan implied that the company would close its seed round by December that year. When Piotr saw that it wouldn’t happen anytime soon, he had to choose between halting marketing efforts or looking elsewhere for customer acquisition funds.


Uncapped advance for marketing

PsiBufet was approved by Uncapped for €90,000 in November 2020 and topped up the amount by €50,000 in January 2021. The cash allowed the company to continue its aggressive marketing strategy, expanding its dog-client base, growing its revenues by 57% in a few months, and visibly cornering the market.

Quickly accessible funding from Uncapped allowed Piotr to continue growing throughout the prolonged equity raising process, become the market leader and go on to raise a 5 million PLN seed round in March 2021. Since then, he's taken another €188,000 in funding from Uncapped.


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