How a market leading tech company turbocharged growth and headcount

Andrew Lane & Nikki Carpenter, Co-founders


About Acuity Trading

Sentiment-based tech company unlocking valuable market insights for brokers, investors and market professionals.
Founded in 2013

After a strategic redirection and significant reshuffle by a  previous employer, Andrew Lane, Acuity Trading CEO, wanted to use the expertise he had gained through being an early pioneer in the news analytics world to provide traders of all experience with top of the range financial market insight. 

He teamed up with fellow co-founder Nikki Carpenter to build their own proprietary technology and start to bring online trading decision making into the 21st century. 

The formidable duo have gone on to build a brand who, in 2023, celebrate their 10th birthday and do so with a long list of accomplishments that includes developing cutting edge technology, forming industry leading partnerships and even growth through acquisition.

Uncapped saw what traditional lenders didn’t and were able to provide us with the funds which have propelled us forward, quickly and professionally

Andrew Lane & Nikki Carpenter, Co-founders


Access to funding

From the offset, Acuity Trading’s founding team knew they wanted to grow their company without the use of VC capital. They initially used personal money but as the business took off and they brought in a great client base, they were able to use revenues to cover operational costs. 

Despite this being challenging, they attribute their success to using revenues to aid growth. It forced them to prioritise clients' needs and instilled in them an ‘above and beyond’ mindset.

They did have to delay certain expansion plans but that was a sacrifice they made to stay true to the vision they had for Acuity Trading. 

However, as they approached the business’ 10th birthday, there was a demand that couldn’t be ignored. In mid 2022, Acuity Trading saw an increasing number of clients calling for their services and in order to meet the market demand, they knew they had to seek out additional funding or risk losing potential business.


Alternative finance provider - Uncapped

Considering their impressive track record, Acuity Trading were quickly approved for non-dilutive capital from Uncapped and received access to funds in under 10 days. Acuity Trading and Uncapped have continued to work together and have, to date, received just under half a million pounds across 3 advances.

Due to Uncapped’s funding support, Acuity Trading hired superstar talent able to handle the increased demand from potential customers and maintain the exceptionally high level of service Acuity Trading are known for around the market. 

The funds allowed them to grow at a rate that would have been unachievable through sole reliance on revenues and were also able to build up a bigger buffer of cash reserves in preparation for any black swan events that may arise. 

Having the funds from Uncapped gave Acuity Trading an extra level of reassurance in their spending plans and are now free to continue posting record breaking months as well as looking ahead to an exciting future and the new markets they will soon impact.

Acuity Trading

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