Berlin, Munich 17/05/2022 - Cash flow management platform ‘Friday Finance’ and fintech lender ‘Uncapped' are excited to announce a new partnership to bring revenue-based financing to digital businesses in Germany.

Friday Finance allows startups and SMBs to manage all their business finances from one place. Its platform aggregates bank accounts and creates financial transparency so business owners can monitor liquidity, create reliable forecasts and streamline their financial management. Through this partnership they’ll also have fast access to capital, so they can focus on growth on terms that suit them.

Uncapped offers simple, reliable capital from €10K to €5M for online businesses. Customers can apply in minutes and get a decision within 24 hours, with no personal guarantees or loss of equity. Its revenue-based financing model - which is new to the German market - means the advance is only repaid when sales are generated. If revenue slows, so do repayments, allowing businesses to maintain complete control and flexibility.

The partnership gives Friday Finance's customers the ability to act on insights gained from their platform, allowing for quick access to capital to invest in the marketing and inventory needed to accelerate growth. 

This approach to funding supports Friday Finance's vision to simplify financial management for SMBs and widen the range of financial services available to European-based companies. Uncapped and Friday Finance also have plans to integrate further into the platform, including providing pre-approved offers via in-app notifications.

Christopher Zemina, Co-founder and CEO of Friday Finance said, “Uncapped are the perfect partner for us because we want to achieve the same thing: to simplify the daily routine of banking and finance management for online businesses. Their funding is really simple: it’s available within 24 hours, without interest, dilution or hidden fees. We’re committed to raising the bar for financial products offered to the European community of entrepreneurs, and Uncapped’s funding is helping us do that.”

Piotr Pisarz, CEO at Uncapped said, “We can’t wait to bring Uncapped’s fast and flexible financing to Friday Finance's customers. Offering our revenue-based financing as part of one of Europe’s fastest-growing financial platforms increases our geographic reach and helps digital entrepreneurs grow their online business on terms that suit them, not the bank.”

About Uncapped

Uncapped’s revenue-based financing allows founders to raise growth capital without giving up control of their business. The company was born out of frustration with the limited financing options available for European entrepreneurs. Uncapped provides business advances of between €10K to €5M with 0% interest and no hidden charges, allowing founders to access fair and flexible finance. It makes money by charging a low flat fee which is paid back from future sales revenue. To learn more, visit Uncapped.

About Friday Finance

Friday Finance is the next-generation multi-banking platform for startups and SMBs that puts all bank accounts into one place. Airbank offers bank account aggregation, cash flow management, multi-user permissions, and single sign-on, aiming to become the leading B2B payments provider for small and growing businesses. Incorporated in Berlin, Germany, Friday Finance is backed by leading entrepreneurs and investors. To learn more, visit Friday Finance.