How an innovative pet care brand became the UK’s best dog supplement

Connor Westby & Adelina Cornelia Zotta, Co-founders


About NutriPaw

100% natural pet treats to help pets to remain happy, healthy and full of joy.
Founded in 2020

Dog lovers Adelina and Connor founded NutriPaw in 2020 after discovering a need in the pet supplement market that was not being serviced by existing players in the game. 

Like them, an increasing number of consumers were searching for supplements for their pets, but couldn't find the quality they were after and therefore were settling for sub par products. 

The pair created a brand that sought to simplify pet health and provide consumers with a product that was irresistible to dogs, approved by vets and loved by customers.

Nobody saw the vision except for Uncapped so they were the obvious choice. They provided us with the necessary capital at a pivotal time to fuel the growth we were forecasting

Connor Westby & Adelina Cornelia Zotta, Co-founders


Keeping up with demand

NutriPaw saw immediate traction and experienced a rapidly growing customer base, first on their own dedicated e-commerce site and later on Amazon as well. This meteoric rise put strain on their supply and inventory reserves which, if left to snowball, can be hugely damaging. What they needed was fast access to deployable capital to get stock where it needed to be. 

None of the options they explored offered the flexibility they desired and often the funding terms were so rigid that they struggled to find products that would scale as they did. 

Luckily for them, a google search was about to change all that!


Uncapped advances for inventory

With a quick and smooth approval process from Uncapped, NutriPaw had access to their first advance in under a week. Uncapped have subsequently gone on to provide NutriPaw with over £5.6m in non-dilutive capital.

NutriPaw benefited from the flexibility, scalability and, ultimately, the autonomy of Uncapped’s Line of Credit product which allowed them to draw cash on their terms. 

Through a pre-agreed, committed credit facility, Connor and Adelina were gifted the peace of mind that they could scale their brand at the desired rate while benefiting from the low rates offered to our Line of Credit customers.

Due to Uncapped’s funding support, NutriPaw were free to invest in bolstering their inventory reserves to ensure they could keep up with the demand. As a result, in the first 9 months of working together, NutriPaw scaled their business by 5x and show no signs of slowing down.

With NutriPaw’s stock concerns dispelled, they’re now looking for additional growth opportunities with new products and new regions in the pipeline for the coming months. 

Uncapped and NutriPaw continue to work together, finding ways to accelerate growth and create healthier and happier pets.


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