At Uncapped, we believe in the power of remote work and have been remote-first since our founding in 2019. 

As a remote-first company, we recognise the numerous benefits that this approach can offer to both our employees and our business. It’s not just a trend or a temporary response to global events, but a fundamental aspect of our culture and operations that we have designed policies and practices around to support and enable our team to achieve professional excellence without sacrificing productivity, engagement, or collaboration.

Uncapped is made up of people around the world with team members, at last count, situated in 12 different countries.

We sat down with a few of these rockstars to find out what remote working means to them and how it helps them in their day-to-day life. 

Ioanna Nella - Growth Marketing Manager 

Thessaloniki, Greece 

From the very beginning of my career, I grappled with the idea of being confined to an office. Sure, the benefits were alluring - a stylish workspace, chatting with coworkers, and building camaraderie. However, I always found myself bothered by the amount of time that was being wasted.

Working in an office meant dedicating a significant portion of my day to tasks that didn't contribute to my actual work. Rising early, putting on makeup, choosing the perfect outfit, packing lunch, travelling to and fro for hours - it all seemed like a tremendous waste of time that could have been devoted to something more meaningful.

Thankfully, remote work came to my rescue. By eliminating distractions, I can now focus on the tasks that truly matter. My working hours are entirely dedicated to productive work, while still leaving me enough time in the day to enjoy the things I cherish. I can spend quality time with my loved ones and don’t just live for the weekends. I am more alert, less exhausted, and more productive than ever before, thanks to remote work.

Plus, there's an added bonus: I can work from anywhere. I'm not bound to a desk in a particular location in order to be productive. I can stay near the beach or rent a place in the mountains. I can work in the morning and explore nature in the afternoon. As long as I have a laptop and an internet connection, I can be anywhere my heart and mind desires.

Overall, remote work makes me feel like I have control of my time and my life. And there is no greater feeling than that. 

Ioanna's WFH setup

Finn Zhan Chen - Product Owner 

Digital Nomad, Planet Earth

Remote working has given me the ultimate freedom to work from anywhere in the world, and I've had some truly unforgettable experiences from immersing myself in different cultures and meeting countless new people.

Apart from the adventures, remote working has brought numerous benefits to my life. It has given me the flexibility to structure my workday in a way that suits my lifestyle. This, in turn, has made me more productive, focused, fulfilled, and grateful.

Remote working is a dream come true for those who want to explore new horizons, challenge themselves both professionally and personally, and have unforgettable experiences. I'm grateful every day for the opportunity to live this lifestyle and can't wait to see where it takes me next!

Finn receiving a kiss from an elephant

Julia Souto Ribeiro - Sales Operations Manager

Lisbon, Portugal 

There are 2 things I love to do: working out and travelling. Working remotely allowed me to do both more often. 

Because I no longer have to worry about commuting to work and all the traffic I used to put up with, I have gained so much time to focus on a healthy morning routine. I can wake up a little later, exercise more and do those key bits of housekeeping in small gaps between calls. I also no longer miss deliveries and have to go pick them up from across town! 

I also find it is very easy to get distracted in an office environment. I have never been more productive now that I am working from home.

Remote working has also improved my personal life in ways I wouldn't have thought. Before WFH life, I was bouncing between two countries: Portugal and Italy. My main base is in Lisbon but now I can spend longer periods of time away without concern or career implications. 

I also have a lot of family out in Brazil and because of the flexible work policy at Uncapped, I have been able to spend much more time with them which has been truly life changing. I have cherished the time closer to family and friends and have been able to attend special family moments such as my grandmother's 90th birthday.

Julia enjoying down time on the Brazilian beaches

Henry Barton - Brand and Community Lead

Chester, England 

Having just got a puppy, remote working has enabled me to be there at a pivotal time in his development and able to provide him with the vital attention, training and socialisation needed at these early stages. 

Working from home gives me the flexibility to structure my work day around his exhausting schedule which has benefited not only him but me and my fiancée as well. I was never able to entertain the idea of having a dog when required to go into the office due to the astronomical cost of petsitting. But thanks to Uncapped’s remote first policy, I was able to get my furry friend. 

All in all, remote working has enabled me to enjoy a much healthier and happier work life balance making me more productive, appreciative and driven. Also, look at that face… 

Henry's best friend, Mash

Tamara Marjanovic - People Operations Manager 

Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Remote work has many perks, most of which you wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of  if you were required to work from the office or in a hybrid environment. 

Remote working has given me the opportunity to:

  1. Organise my workload and be able to complete tasks when I feel most productive
  2. Not miss out on important family events
  3. Save time that would otherwise be spent commuting (and sleeping in when needed!).
  4. Grab a cup of coffee and take a break whenever I need one
  5. Eat healthier by cooking homemade meals
  6. Visit family and friends for longer than a few days without having to rush back to the office (!!!) or use all of your time off on one trip

Having a lot of relatives abroad, it’s not always easy to schedule the perfect and cheapest flight that aligns with everyone's schedule. However, as Uncapped allows us to work from any location, it enables you to spend more time with your close family members without worrying about rushing back to the office. The world is your office!

I have had so many short and unexpected weekend trips to places you would never have thought possible to slot into a busy work life. A standout for me, and a memory made possible through remote work, was a recent short trip to sunny Lake Garda in Italy. I look forward to sipping more Aperol Spritz in amazing locations in the near future.

Tamara enjoying an Aperol at Lake Garda

Leonardo Lucatorto - Partnerships Manager 

London, England 

Working remotely has been transformational. During quieter months I take the opportunity to base myself in some incredible locations around the world with recent destinations including Greece, back home in Italy or even Costa Rica! I try to cram as much experience in as possible while away but the early wake ups are worth it in order to strike a balance between work and play and make the most of the amazing destinations I am lucky enough to explore. 

As a member of the partnerships team at Uncapped, my role is quite commercial and hence relationships driven. In the post-pandemic world, doing this remotely does not hinder my ability to do this effectively but I do enjoy the personal nature of the role. 

Uncapped recently got a co-working space in London so now if I need a change of scenery when back in London, I can pop in, arrange a time to meet colleagues or run meetings with partners out of the office. 

The freedom to choose how I work best has enabled me to bring an increased energy to the role and one that I feel has made me more driven to succeed than ever before.

Leo's remote work setup in Costa Rica

Hanna Mondalska - Senior Business Development Manager 

Warsaw, Poland 

​​Working remotely allows me to travel, but what is even more important is that it allows me to escape. 

Escape? Yes exactly! Escape from winter! 

I am not a fan of the cold, gloomy weather, which appears around October and November in Poland. It drains all my energy which magically disappears with the last rays of the summer sun. Freedom to work from wherever I want it's a total game change and allows me to recharge my body with vitamin D when most needed.

This ability to work from anywhere has definitely made me more productive when carrying out my daily work tasks. Being able to complete my work day while enjoying a morning run on the beach, evening bonfires accompanied by the stars, long sunset walks and volleyball with friends helps me to maintain a healthy work-life balance and live life to the fullest. Warm weather gives me more opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, beach hopping and general exploring, all of which helps to reduce stress and keeps me in a better physical shape. 

Is there a better way to stay refreshed and focused than lunch in the sun or a quick swim in the ocean during breaks? I have never been more productive.

Having the opportunity to adapt my working conditions has been hugely advantageous to me and helped me to live a healthier, happier and more productive work life. What else could you want?

Hanna's winter escapes to warmer climates

Patrick Walsh - Head of Germany Sales

Berlin, Germany 

Despite not being the first role with large periods of time spent working from home, it is the first time I have worked for a company that has an explicit 100% remote working policy. Since joining Uncapped in 2021, I have been working primarily from my apartment in Berlin and, for me, it is a system that works. There is a trust in us all to complete our designated tasks regardless of where we open our laptops and I believe that trust from the exec team is paramount to our success. 

Not having to commute to a specific location is a huge bonus. I'm extremely lucky to live in the incredible city of Berlin which is filled with great places to enjoy a coffee or lunch with my friends/clients. I like the sense of independence in choosing where I am and can tailor location to what kind of day is in store. 

An additional freedom enjoyed through remote working is the ability to travel. I regularly take the opportunity to travel to different European cities to visit my friends and have enjoyed some wonderful trips recently without the anxiety of having to rush back to an office for Monday morning. 

Originally from Ireland, I also have the ability to nip back to see my family whenever possible which I know they are hugely grateful for. Regardless of whether I am officially on holiday or tapping away at my laptop, I love that I have the freedom to find the time to visit them!

A snap of Loch Derg, Ireland, from Patrick's recent trip back home

Valeria Giglio - Product Operations Associate 

Near Bari, Italy

The best part of working fully remote is having the chance to manage my time in the way I deem the best for me. 

The occasional slow times during the work day are great chances to do some house chores and run boring errands - not much fun, you must think, so what's the benefit here? 

The benefit is that at 6 PM, after a long day of working, focusing and meetings, I don't have to squeeze into a crowded train, come back to a home that requires a good amount of my attention and possibly go on exciting quests to the post office or grocery store. Instead, I can just close my laptop and do whatever I want to do: slouch on the couch and play video games, go for a walk, get coffee with my friends, workout, it's up to you. 

Being free to balance my work so that I don't have to sacrifice my "me-time" is the most valuable perk of working fully remote. So, if you, like me, need some alone time to recharge your batteries, fully remote is the way to go.

Valeria's colleagues for the day while working from her parents

Piotr Pisarz - CEO and Founder

Warsaw, Poland 

Uncapped was founded in 2019 and not long after, the world of work changed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. All of sudden, remote working wasn’t an option, it was the only option. But the response from the team was amazing and we saw great results immediately. 

As the founder, it is important to me to set Uncapped’s employees up for success and enable them to work in a way that brings out their creativity, productivity and best selves. Have you ever noticed how your best ideas never come to you while at your desk, but while you are out on a walk, exploring somewhere new, or simply when breaking routine? 

Remote working enables those ideas to happen more often and I know Uncapped wouldn’t be in the strong position it is in today without this policy in place and the infrastructure that allows these ideas to formulate. 

I’m grateful to the team and always enjoy seeing the beautiful and varied backdrops on our calls. 

Similar to the rest of the team, I love to travel and remote work enables me to experience all the incredible things available when not tied to an office. A recent highlight includes ticking Burning man off my bucket list. You have to go! 

Piotr at Burning Man

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Remote working only works when you have the right people and, at Uncapped, we have done incredibly well to hire ambitious people who embody the remote working lifestyle.

We have 65+ self-starting, autonomous people who aren’t afraid to get stuck in and as a result can enjoy the multiple freedoms remote working has to offer. 

We make an effort to get together as an entire company once a year to ensure a strong bond and swap stories of the incredible things we have done, seen and achieved as a remote workforce. 

We look forward to continuing to hear the incredible experiences of our amazing Uncappers as we continue to push Uncapped onward and upward.

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